Chilli Plug Plants 2020

Chilli Plug Plants 2020 grow season

Chilli plug plant

We've now started adding chilli plug plants to our online shop. We're growing 300 varieties this year but in limited amounts, so when they're gone, they're gone. 

Varieties will be added as and when they become available so keep checking back, or contact us if there's something specific you're after and we can let you know when it's likely to be available

Plug Plant Delivery


We post via Royal Mail 1st Class in specially designed plastic casing. These will be dispatched within 2 working days at the beginning of the week to ensure they aren't held up over the weekend, this should help them arrive in optimal condition.

Plug plant varieties


We have a wide selection from mild to Volcanic.

Plants will become available when they reach approx 10cm in height or have 10 or more true leaves.

Plugs already on the website as at 20th Feb are:

     7 Pot   Oracle   

Aji   Ahuachapau   

Aji Amarillo   

Aji Colorado   

Aji Fantasy   White   

Aji Limo   

Aji Melocoton   

Aji Pineapple   

Bangalore   Torpedo   

Bolivian   Bumpy   

Brazilian   Starfish Orange   

Cayenne   Golden   

Condors Beak   

Costeno   Amarillo   

Devils Tongue   White   

HJ9 - Big   Bang   

Hot Mushroom   Yellow   

Hot Royal   Black   

Jamaican   Yellow   

Krishna   Jolokia   

Naga Purple   Jolokia   

Orange   Cheyenne   


Piment   d'Espelette   

Pimenta   Leopard   

Poblano   (Giant)   

Pusa Jawala   

Rocoto Giant   Red    

Serrano   Purple   

Shata Baladi   


Sivri Biber   (Turkish Snake)   

Thunder   Mountain Longhorn x SPACE   Trinidad   Scorpion Cardi