Our Values and Targets

We've set ourselves some goals to try and help us be the best we can and valued by our customers. How we are doing against those goals is depicted in the picture on this page.

Aim to have the biggest range of chilli seeds available in the UK.

A little way to go but this should be achieved by the Autumn of 2018.

Just to give you an idea. We currently have 68 varieties as of end July 2018. This is in comparison to Premiere Seeds (110), South Lincs Chilli Boys (100), South Devon Chilli Farm (50), The Chilli Pepper Company (114), Sea Spring Seeds (77), UK Chilli Seeds (112), Dorset Chilli Shop (16) , Kings Seeds (17). 

Once we've achieved the UK target our aim is to extend this to worldwide. 

Aim to grow all our produce 100% organically

We're easily achieving this at the moment. As a rule we do not use any pesticides or non organic material in rearing our fruit and veg (whether it be chillies or in our fruit and vegeatable garden).

Aim to have 50% homegrown organic ingredients in our products.

We're there already with this one!

Aim to have 100% homegrown chillies in our products.

We're there with his one too!

Aim to have 100% customer product satisfaction.

No Complaints so far :)

Aim to have 100% response rate to questions and queries within 24hrs.

Winning here too!

Aim for >80% germination rate from our seeds provided they are grown using the advice given in our growing hints and tips pages.

.....so far so good!