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Frequently Asked Questions About Chilli Growing

Q. Why do flowers keep falling off my plants? I'm watering lightly every 2-3 days and giving them a weekly feed. Plants are also aphid free.

A. Its fairly normal to loose flowers/buds especially when the outside temperatures are very high.

Flower drop could be down to any of the following:

  • Daytime temp too high >95F
  • Nighttime temp too low <65F
  • Too much Nitrogen
  • Too much water
  • Reduced fertility due to low light levels or low humidity
  • Poor air circulation
  • Not enough insect pollinaters
  • Pot size too small
  • Too much any minerals in feedwater

Q. Why are my leaves all crinkled/curling?

A. Crinkled leaves are often a sign of calcium deficiency. You need to add calcium and also magensium as a catalyst for consumption. As an alternative to pre-mixed additives and as a more organic and cheaper approach try adding crushed up egg shells to the top of the soil.

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