Our Favourite Chilli Recipes

Carribean Curry

Caribbean chicken curry

One of our absolute favourites.


4 chicken breasts cut into 1 inch pieces

1 red pepper. Chopped into 1 inch pieces.

Thumb size piece of fresh root ginger. Grated.

1 green pepper. Chopped into 1 inch pieces.

2 large fresh tomatoes. Chopped into 8 pieces.

Scotch Bonnet chillis finely chopped (add as many as your heat levels tolerate...We usually add 2 or 3).

2 cans coconut milk.

Handful of fresh thyme.

1 tablespoon of turmeric.

1 tablespoon of cumin.

1 can pineapple chunks and juice.

Large handful of baby spinach leaves.

1 small butternut squash or large sweet potato peeled and cubed into 1 inch pieces.

Juice of 2 limes and grated rind of 1 (optional).


Fry chicken in sunflower oil until opaque.

Add turmeric and cumin and continue to fry until fragrant (2-3 mins).

Add in coconut milk plus an additional can of water) and all other ingredients (except pineapple and juice, lime juice, spinach).

Bring to boil and simmer (covered) for 30-40 mins until chicken and squah/sweet potato are cooked through.

Add all remaining ingredients and cook for further 10 mins uncovered.

Serve with plain rice or unleavaned bread. 

Green Chilli Beef Curry


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Sri Lankan Pork Curry


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Roast Spiced Lamb


A selection of our favourite chilli recipes for those whose like cooking with chilli. Details to follow

Chilli Enchiladas


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