Space Chillies

We thought these needed a page of their own!

There are 10 varieties of Space Chilli.

All are very rare to come across but we are hoping in the not to distant future we will have all of them on our lists. (As of May 2018 we're only missing 2 varietes).

For many decades work has been going on by the Chinese who have been sending seeds into orbit on satellites and exposing them to zero gravity.  These 10 varieites of chili peppers are the results of the experiments that have taken place.  It has become apparent that the trip into space is creating higher yields, bigger produce, and an increase in the levels of nutrients in the resulting fruit. They are also quite interesting to look at, being twoisted an mutant like. We've grown alot of these ourselves and have also notices increased germination rates and numbers.

The Chinese space mutation breeding breeding is relatively long (since 1980s), interesting and filled with propaganda

HJ stands for Hangjiao which was the space program name adopted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  • HJ1 - Corona

This is a BIG chilli - could even be bigger than Big Jim!

  • HJ2 - Meteor

Faster Growing, disease resistant. Long Spicy fruits that ripen a deep red colour

  • HJ3 - Yellow Solar Flare

  • HJ4 - Comets Tail

Another delicious cayenne type but this awesome chilli pepper has been developed from seeds sent into space.  Its has less than a Jalapeno level of heat and is very prolific. 

  • HJ5 - Helix Nebula

This is one of the tastiest space chillies and is not quite as big as the space chilli number 6 but comes very close. Again very prolific, juicy and sweet just perfect to

  • HJ6 - Pulsar

Similar to HJ4

  • HJ7 - Super Nova

The Super Nova are more like a traditional Asian chile. They are about 3/8 of an inch thick and 6 to 8 inches long much like a large cayenne. The flavor is sweet with an upfront burn. They ripen from green to red and can be eaten either way. The Super Nova space chile is great for stir fry or chile sauces.

  • HJ8 - Total Eclipse

They are capsicum like in flavour with a medium thick wall that has a crisp satisfying crunch. The HJ8 Total Eclipse Space Chilli has a similar flavour to an Anaheim pepper, and roughly the same size.

  • HJ9 - Big Bang

  • HJ10 - After Glow

This is one of the most prolific of the space chillies and grows red.  Up to 40 fruit on the plant at once and it just keeps pumping them out.  Very similar to a cayenne look and taste wise but quite a bit sweeter.  Like the cayenne chilli pepper this one is very versatile.